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Neocortix Launches First Commercial "Cloud at the Edge" Service

Cell Phone Owners Around the World Get Paid for Allowing Their Phones to be Used as a Collective Supercomputer

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Neocortix, the first commercial "Cloud at the Edge" provider, is launching Neocortix Cloud Services at DevOps World | Jenkins World. This new disruptive technology benefits large website owners, load test vendors and anyone else who needs cloud services by eliminating the high costs associated with large and costly data centers. In this shared economy, Android cell phone owners can make $240 per-phone per-year for use of their phones while they are charging at night, a substantial income for many consumers worldwide.  

Neocortix Logo (PRNewsfoto/Neocortix, Inc.)

Neocortix's PhonePaycheck is a secure, encrypted application that enables the company's Cloud at the Edge Services while not compromising a user's personal data, photos, social media, and does not drain batteries or raise phone bills. It has gone viral worldwide since it was first made available over two years ago. Nearly 29,000 users around the world, including India, Australia, Indonesia, North and South America, have more than 42,000 devices running the app; and there is a waiting list to join.

"Cloud at the Edge enables exciting new applications for customers," said Lloyd Watts, founder and CEO, Neocortix. "By tapping into cell phone processors, we are leveraging a shared economy and bringing cloud computing resources closer to the data generation source, giving major website owners, load test vendors, E-commerce component- and machine learning companies, a more cost- efficient and reliable service than traditional data center-based cloud platforms can offer."

According to a September 2018 Gartner Trend Insight Report titled: "The Edge Completes the Cloud," Analysts Bob Gill and David Smith outline how edge computing delivers the decentralized complement to today's hyperscale cloud and legacy data centers. The analysts claim that to "maximize application potential and user experience, EA and technology innovation leaders need to plan distributed computing solutions along a continuum from the core to the edge."

Key Benefits

  • Fine-Grained Geographic Distribution: "Cloud at The Edge" allows Neocortix Cloud Services to offer new classes of applications (Last-Mile Load Test, CDN Test, Network Telemetry, Federated Learning, etc.).
  • Major Website Owners (retailers, airlines): their websites and 3rd-party web components won't fail or become slow on heavy traffic days such as retail's Black Friday.
  • Lower Cost: price advantage over the large data center-based cloud services due to Neocortix's extremely low infrastructure costs.
  • Cloud Enabled 3D Rendering and Visualization: techniques such as Blender/POV-Ray will realize a cost reduction of at least 50 percent.
  • Environmentally Conscious Customers: benefit from a green solution as PhonePaycheck employs users' existing power-efficient phones. This conserves resources and ensures a lower carbon footprint compared to building new cloud infrastructure.

About Neocortix, Inc.
Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Neocortix was founded in 2013 with the mission to leverage the shared economy by building a supercomputer network out of personal cell phones. The company's disruptive "Cloud at the Edge" technology benefits anyone who needs cloud services by eliminating the costs associated with big, expensive data centers. Solutions include PhonePaycheck, an Android app that pays users for the use of their smartphone while they are not using it, and Neocortix Cloud Services, a distributed Cloud Computing Service running on a worldwide network of mobile devices. Please visit www.neocortix.com for more information.



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