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Neonode Announces Contactless Touch for Curbing Pathogen Transmission in Hospitals and Other Public Spaces

SANTA CLARA, California, June 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Neonode Inc., (NEON), the optical sensing technology company, today announced that its zForce® Touch Solutions are now optimized for reducing pathogen transmission in hospitals and other public spaces, by enabling contact-free interaction with graphical user interface (GUIs).

Transmission of health care-associated pathogens that have been shed onto touchscreens and button panels such as elevator buttons, vending machines, information boards, and electronic menus in fast food restaurants create well-documented public health risks. Evidence supporting these risks is provided by the NIH [1]. Neonode zForce Touch Solutions enable contactless interaction with touchscreens and button panels to mitigate these risks.  

A zForce Touch sensor mounted along one edge of a display provides an interaction area positioned a desired distance above the display surface as illustrated in Figure 1, below. By making the interaction area hover above the display surface, users experience touch interaction without actually coming in contact with the display, reducing the risks of shedding and receiving health care-associated pathogens through contact with the display.

A zForce Touch sensor can also be mounted beneath a panel of buttons, such as an elevator panel, to enable riders to select their floor without touching the buttons.

 "The risk of contamination in hospitals and public areas is of paramount concern to facilities, customers and designers of displays and other interactive devices. Providing a safety-conscious solution without compromising performance and the user experience is the driving force behind Contactless Touch, and we believe our customers will be as excited as we are about this innovative application," states Carl Bergendal, Executive VP Sales and Engineering at Neonode.

For more information please see "Contactless Touch- a safer method of interaction" [2] at neonode.com.

[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK144014/

[2] https://www.neonode.com/contactless-touch-a-safer-method-for-interaction/

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