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Neota Logic Announces Integration with LawGeex to Further Enhance the Contract Review and Automation Process

Neota Logic announces new integration with LawGeex

NEW YORK, May 10, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Neota Logic, creators of the world's leading no-code AI automation platform, and LawGeex, the leader in Contract Review Automation, announced today an innovative integration which will advance a comprehensive contract review and automation solution for the legal sector.

The integration works when a counterparty insists on using their terms for contract types like confidentiality and services agreements. They can simply upload the file into the Neota Logic application, the third-party agreement is then automatically routed to LawGeex where it is compared to the standard contract rules and legal policy defined by the client. Inconsistencies with the standard company contract language are identified, problematic language is isolated, and contextual guidelines and fallback language are provided. Once the changes have been made, the redlined agreement is sent back to the counterparty for review, approval, and execution.

The end to end process is fully automated, saving time and freeing up valuable legal resources from time-consuming reviews.

Neota Logic and LawGeex are currently working on confidentiality agreement automation with the one of the top five Property and Casualty Insurance Corporations in the USA.

Kim Massana, CEO at Neota Logic commented, "We are thrilled to be working with LawGeex on this exciting integration of our two technology platforms. We are seeing many areas where our combined technologies can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency of the legal sector. LawGeex and Neota Logic strive to solve similar process issues and I'm excited that we are meeting in the middle where the combined effect of our technologies will be far greater."

Noory Bechor, CEO of LawGeex added, "The synergy between our two solutions provides the customer with tremendous value. We see our integration with Neota Logic as an excellent opportunity to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers."

About Neota Logic 
The company's no code AI automation platform allows companies to rapidly automate their professional services. Neota customers and their clients enjoy the benefits of digital technology extending the reach of the professional, improved efficiency, client satisfaction and new business opportunities. Neota is the only platform capable of automating all aspects of professional services including intelligent fact-gathering, expert decision-making, end-to-end processes and document lifecycle management. With a global presence, Neota offers its software and professional services to clients from its offices in New York, London and Melbourne.

About LawGeex 
LawGeex is transforming legal. For companies who want to spend less time on contracts and focus on high-impact work, LawGeex automates the review and approval of everyday contracts with unparalleled accuracy, consistency, and scalability through our advanced AI platform.

LawGeex is recognized by Gartner, Wired magazine, and CB Insights as a leading force in bringing innovation and technology to the legal world – and is trusted by global firms such as eBay, Bain & Company, and White & Case.

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