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Net Neutrality, Made Sock-Simple

David Pogue
Tech Critic
Yahoo Tech

Net neutrality: It’s the idea that Internet providers (like Verizon and Comcast) should transmit all data equally fast for equal prices. It’s been that way as long as the Internet has existed. But now the Internet providers would like to change things.

They point out that Netflix, YouTube, and BitTorrent are eating up the nation’s bandwidth in a hugely lopsided way. Netflix alone, for example, is responsible for eating up 34 percent of the nation’s Internet capacity. The Internet providers think the companies that use a lot of data should therefore pay more for fast, smooth delivery of their Internet traffic.

Netflix, in fact, finally caved in to Comcast’s demands that it pay extra. And, lo and behold, Netflix shows have been arriving with fewer stutters now that it has started paying up.

In this week’s “Ask Pogue” video, I’ve invited a couple of special guests to explain the stances of both sides, and to explain where the FCC is in the process of deciding the issue. Enjoy — and, more importantly, understand.

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