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Netflix Announces 'Friends' Is Leaving, And Fans Are Not OK

Lynne Versluys

It's true: Friends is leaving Netflix at the beginning of 2020.

Netflix Standbys

While Netflix has a lot of new and original content coming down the pipe, sometimes people just want something comforting and familiar. Classics like The Office and Friends are some of their most streamed shows because sometimes you just want to head back to Dunder Mifflin or hang out with Chandler and Joey.

Goodbye, Dunder Mifflin. Goodbye, Central Perk

However, Netflix subscribers got the bad news that The Office would be leaving in 2021, and now they're facing the even worse news that Friends will be leaving the streaming service at the beginning of 2020.

People Are Not Handling It Well

Both shows will be available on Warner's upcoming streaming service, now known as HBO Max. So, it's not like the show is being erased from the internet, but it is yet another streaming service that people will have to subscribe to.

Fans Are Losing It

It's safe to say that fans on Twitter are... not handling this news well.

An Insane Amount Of Money

This news is baffling with the realization that Netflix, who had almost lost Friends once before, paid $100 million to keep the sitcom for one year more. One. Year. 100. Million. Dollars.

How Will People Cope?

I guess people will have to watch new shows on Netflix. It's scary, but it's a brave new world out there!