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Netflix makes it easier to find new and upcoming movies and shows

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Netflix launched an update that will make it easier to find the newest movies and shows — as well as keep track of future releases.

It’s now easier to find what’s NEW and COMING SOON on Netflix

A “Latest” tab is now on your TV’s nav bar — it will show you titles that are:
Brand new
Coming this week &
Coming next week

And click “Remind Me” to receive a notification when those new titles launch pic.twitter.com/3pzgAxxjyg

— Netflix US (@netflix) August 26, 2019

The new “Latest” tab has begun showing up on Netflix subscribers’ television menus. The feature provides users with a list of the newest releases (“Brand New”) on the video streaming service, along with what’s being released over the next two weeks (“Coming this week” and “Coming next week.”)  Read more...

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