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'In Nevada, It Is The First': America's Second Cannabis Lounge Set To Open

Nina Zdinjak

The first-ever cannabis café in the U.S., Lowell Café, had its grand opening Oct. 1 in Los Angeles, CBS News reported.

"For over a century we've been forced to hide cannabis consumption out of public view, but that time is now over. We're proud to announce Lowell Cafe — America's first cannabis cafe serving farm fresh food, coffee, juice, and cannabis daily," according to the café's website.

The café is a hybrid weed lounge and restaurant that gives customers the option of ordering some weed, CBS said.

It caters to the needs of both cannabis connoisseurs with its “Dab Bar” and of those less experienced with cannabis with its “Flower House,” where hosts help customers choose their order.  

The café takes its operation seriously, respecting a rule that no one under the age of 21 can enter, even with a medical marijuana card.

"A couple of questions we ask at first is: what's your tolerance level, and are you with someone safe or do you have a method to get home after?" said Erika Soto, a flower host, according to CBS.

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Nevada’s first cannabis tasting lounge, NuWU, is set to open Saturday in Las Vegas, reports KSNV-TV.

The state of Nevada hasn't approved this kind of business. But the cannabis lounge is located on sovereign tribal land and subject to tribal authority.

"In Nevada, it is the first," said Alfreda Mitre, a Paiute Tribe Councilwoman, according to the TV station. "So we are looking foreword to providing this experience to our customers."

The experience will resemble that of a wine tasting room, she said.

NuWu will have waiters that offer both smoking and vaporizing options, and will serve edibles, KSNV-TV said.

Just like Lowell Café, NuWu also has concerns about the safety of its customers, which is why its staff will be working with Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER), Lyft Inc (NASDAQ: LYFT) and taxi services so that customers aren't driving high.

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