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Never Pay Full Price for Cables

David Pogue
Tech Critic
Yahoo Tech

This is the shortest, sweetest, most money-saving tip you’ll read all week.

Apple must make half its billions just on cables and adapters. The company keeps switching connector types, too, so we have to keep buying adapters and new cables. FireWire? No—now it’s Thunderbolt. MagSafe? No—now it’s MagSafe 2. 30-pin iPhone connector? No—now it’s a Lightning cable, and it’ll cost you $20.

Unless you buy Amazon’s clone of the Lightning cable—for 8 bucks.

Same exact cable, priced 60 percent lower. If you go for the six-foot-long version, you save even more money. Apple’s is $30, Amazon’s is $8.79. You save 70 percent.

Heck, you could afford a couple!

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