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New coronavirus observations are ‘surprising and a little concerning’ says Dr. Oz

Zack Guzman
Senior Writer
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    He needs to stop listening to the Chinese government. When was the last time ANY government ever quarantined 50 million people? They didn't quarantine entire cities for SARS or H1N1. They obviously know something they're not sharing with the rest of the world because it's clear that they're genuinely scared of this one.

    "I don’t understand why we’re not more panicked about the regular old fashioned influenza virus,”

    Because the projected mortality rate of this year's flu season is projected to be about 0.1%, which is significantly less than the claimed mortality rate of 2% for nCoV. Also, information from Wuhan and Hubei province has been leaking out from health care workers. One nurse claims the number of infected is actually higher than 90,000 and growing very rapidly. She says the hospitals are overflowing with patients. Videos show people in hospitals packed into hallways like sardines. The nurse also claims the mortality rate is much higher than 2%.

    "The latest MRC measurement pegged the equivalent measure for coronavirus at about an average of 2.6"

    Not according to the nurse in Wuhan. She claims it's more like 14. Think about it. If the virus incubates for two weeks, and if a person is contagious before they're symptomatic then they're going to infect a whole lot more people before being isolated. Screening people for fever at airports is going to be pointless as there will be people who are both infected and contagious who won't be detected. She also says that they've confirmed that the virus can enter and leave a victim through the mucous of the eyes, which means face masks alone - even the N95 class respirator recommended by the CDC - is not sufficient by itself. Goggles or a plastic face shield are also needed.

    She also claims that doctors have been telling her to expect the second mutation of the virus very soon. They say it's far more contagious, and that anti-viral treatments will be much less effective against it. Imagine a virus moving through a population center as easily as a cool breeze and killing a substantial portion of those it contacts. Imagine surviving an infection of the virus only to be knocked down by a subsequent mutation.

    This is why the Chinese government is in a panic. This is why they've locked down more than 50 million people - airports, bus, and train terminals all closed, and roads blocked by military armored vehicles. Driving cars within the city of Wuhan has been temporarily banned. This is also why the Chinese government is rapidly building tent hospitals. At least three new tent hospitals, each with a capacity of at least 1000 patients, and each built in five days or less. They don't have enough available doctors to man those hospitals. Even if they did, according to the nurse, they don't have enough supplies to treat them. In fact, she begged the world community to donate disposable masks, goggles, and biohazard suits. The only conclusion one can make is that they want to be able to isolate the sick while they're dying.

    Also, I don't want to peddle conspiracy theories, but the Chinese government seems to know an awful lot about this virus, and there's a relatively new bioweapons research facility in Wuhan, approved in 2017, that's been researching viral weapons. Just saying...
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    I would not be downplaying this. If I worked in a major city I would wear a mask and possibly even rubber gloves. I don't remember in my life time of 42 years. A country quarantining 60 million people and then telling us.
    "nothing to see here."

    A friend of mine who teaches in China. Says friends of his in the quarantine zones are to have 3 weeks of food and water.

    Not trying to cause fear, but use a little common sense.
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    Excuse me if I prefer a non celebrity type giving me advice on what might affect my health. I have as much respect for TV doctors as I do TV judges
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    A mask may not filter virus particles but it may stop you from inadvertently touching your face with your hands, which is the common vector for the infection to occur.
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    "Autoimmunize" is NOT a term that applies to washing one's hands. If that were the case we could "autoimmune" ourselves from all forms of infection - which we can't. The coronavirus in its airborne form hangs suspended on saliva particles in the air. If you breath them in, it doesn't matter how often you wash your hands.
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    Sorry but, I have family members on chemo, they absolutely SHOULD wear masks, and so should the elderly. I'll trust a renowned oncologist's advice about wearing a mask, over some TV quack's claims any day.
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    Remember when Dr. Oz was hauled before Congress to testify about how he tried to sell miracle cures/snake oil? It wasn't that long ago and yet here he is, back on TV acting like an expert.
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    I don't trust Dr. Oz. I've heard kooky stuff from him and he pushes weird products. I'll get my information from more reputable sources.
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    Typical media interviewing a MEDIA/ENTERTAINMENT DOCTOR. Does media not understand Dr Oz is a cardiologist and not an infectious disease physician? When you have a bacterial or viral infection, you don't go to your cardiologist for a remedy. Same reason why you shouldn't go to your plumber if your wiring in your house is messed up. Just because they work in construction, it doesn't mean it's their specialty. Same comparison to Dr Oz and the coronavirus. I can guarantee you a cardiologist will NOT be consulted when you're hospitalized for this virus
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    “I don’t understand why we’re not more panicked about the regular old fashioned influenza virus,” he said. “SARS took 800 lives. So this virus is probably not going to be anywhere close to the magnitude of impact of the influenza virus and yet we’re panicked by it.”
    That is exactly what I have been wondering...is someone just stirring up fear?
    The Flu has a higher morality rate. Maybe corona has a higher complication rate? IDK. There isn't anyone telling us WHY we should be in fear of the corona virus.