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New Dog Camera Mount Turns Your GoPro into a GoFido

Yahoo Tech

GoPro footage from a dog is probably even better than from a human. (GoPro)

For too long I’ve watched my human record hours of inane footage on a little camera strapped to his chest or helmet. Sometimes he attaches it to his mountain bike or surfboard. The results aren’t any better. He’s missing the most exciting perspective of all: mine.

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Thankfully GoPro has a new harness designed specifically for me and my 15-120 pound canine compatriots. The Fetch dog harness securely mounts a GoPro camera onto either my back or chest. For those silly short-legged dogs, like corgis, the chest mount is even removable. The adjustment points of the harness are all padded, so there’s no fur-pinching, and the material the harness is made of is washable and water friendly, which means it’s perfect for flying chew toy catches in a pool, tennis ball fetching at the lake, or best of all, running in the mud day.

The GoPro camera is secured to the harness with a tether, in case my lack of spatial awareness would otherwise send it flying off into the woods, and has a quick release base for removing the camera.

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Fetch costs $60 and you can retrieve it from GoPro’s website. It is not for cats*, so don’t even think about it.

*It probably could fit one of those obese cats, but do you really want GoPro footage of a fat cat licking itself all day?

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