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New Manager Trivia: We quizzed these new MLB managers on their teams

Ahhh yes, baseball games are being played Friday for the first time since November. It’s only spring training, but it’s still refreshing isn’t it? Actual baseball is almost here. That means new faces in new places, players and managers in new uniforms, fresh outlooks and World Series hopes.

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About those new managers … we talked to three of them and quizzed them about their new franchises.

Dave Martinez, Ron Gardenhire and Alex Cora got quizzed about their new teams. (Yahoo Sports)

We caught up Ron Gardenhire of the Detroit Tigers, Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox and Dave Martinez of the Washington Nationals to see how much random trivia they knew about their new teams. We’re talking mascots, World Series rings, nicknames — stuff like that.

While it doesn’t really matter how they did on our quiz, we’re happy to report that all managers earned passing grades from us here at Yahoo Sports. Now onward to baseball season.

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