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New Overwatch Assault map set on the Moon revealed, more hints at character “Hammond”

Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault map set on the Moon. (Blizzard)

After dropping a teaser online that set the internet tongues wagging, Blizzard has revealed a new Assault map for Overwatch. The developer revealed the map in a video posted to YouTube, which is titled Horizon Lunar Colony.

As the name suggests, the map is set on the Moon. Lore-wise, it has ties to the character Winston, who narrates the video preview for the map. In it, he says that the scientists he interacted with in the colony were “like family” and that they worked together to build a future for humanity in space.

However, not all of the test subjects in the colony were happy, and they sparked a rebellion, attacking the facility. The scientists who worked in the facility mysteriously disappeared, and Winston escaped to Earth.

Hammond cannot be found. (Blizzard)

Now, players will return to the base in a battle for control over the colony’s facilities. Areas shown in the video preview include a Hydroponics Lab, Training Facility, and an area with labelled suits hinting at the identity of the scientists who went missing.

Interestingly, the video does show that a specimen named Hammond along with Winston are not found at the 1:20 mark, so the map could still tie in with the possible reveal of a new hero. That being said, Blizzard has fooled us before, leading us to think Doomfist would be entering the game prior to the final reveal of Orisa.

Regardless, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Blizzard’s announcements in our Overwatch hub.