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New Startup Rents Men Who Will Act as Your Personal Cabana Boys

Daniel Howley
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech
ManServants home page

Ladies, if you’re looking to be treated like the queen you are, there’s a new startup you might want to check out. ManServants is a San Francisco-based company that promises women (or, really, men) the kind of pampering they’ve always wanted — for a nominal fee.

Launching Sept. 1, the Web service charges $80 per hour for a ManServant to come to your home, or anywhere you’d like, for that matter, and act as your personal cabana boy, performing almost any service you’d ask of him.

No, not that kind of service; ManServants specifically states that it is not in the adult entertainment market. 

So what exactly does $80 an hour get you? Well, according to the ManServants website, you can choose how your man looks, the kind of clothes he wears, and even give him a name to which he must reply.

A video preview of the service is below. Warning: There is a fair amount of, um, bulging. NSFW, to say the least. 

As for tasks, your ManServant will be required to wait on you hand and foot, serve you drinks, act as a bodyguard, take pictures for you, and clean up for you. For some extra green, your ManServant will serenade you, speak with an accent, give you a spa treatment, serve as your driver, and carry all your personal items.

During his time with you, your ManServant will also have to abide by a specific code of conduct that requires him to do things such as refer to you as “My Lady,” stand whenever you enter the room, pay you compliments every 15 minutes, and let you sit on his back as though he were a chair.

The folks at ManServants say the idea for the service came to them after a friend was planning a bachelorette party and, not wanting male strippers, chose instead to hire a handsome man to act as a servant for the evening. From there, the company’s co-founders, Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah, say, the concept took off.

For all of you guys out there wanting to make some quick cash, ManServants is already taking applications for potential servants. You’ll just need to submit a headshot and provide an explanation as to why you’d be a good ManServant. You’ll also have to pass a background test. We’ve already sent our applications and are looking forward to acting as your personal sofa.

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