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News station graphic completely butchers Adrian Gonzalez's name

Even the most casual of baseball fans are aware of Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. The 34-year-old has turned in an excellent 13-year career in the majors, and currently has the Dodgers just two wins from the World Series.

One news station might need a refresher on Gonzalez’s accomplishments. During a segment in which Gonzalez was giving an interview, ABC7 in Los Angeles put up a graphic that featured a … creative … spelling of Gonzalez’s name.

OK, so that looks pretty bad upon first glance. But with some experimenting, it’s easy to see how this happened. It appears whoever typed the graphic had their right hand shifted just slightly too far to the right on their keyboard. You’ll notice all the letters typed with the left hand are in the right place. Every letter typed with the right hand is just barely off.

One news station had a tough time with Adrian Gonzalez’s name. (Getty Images/Sean M. Haffey)

It stinks, but mistakes do happen. The biggest problem here was the fact that the graphic was put on air. But given the hectic nature of a news control room during a broadcast, we can understand how this could slip through in the heat of the moment.

Still, it made us chuckle. To whoever typed out that graphic, we would like to let you know: We a;; ,ale ,ostales.

(BLS H/N: Awful Announcing)

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