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News station in L.A. airs erroneous 'Dodgers win' graphic after Game 5 loss

Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers might have been the craziest game we’ve seen in quite some time. The dramatic back-and-forth affair featured four incredible comebacks, and finally ended in extras as Alex Bregman’s single gave the Astros the 13-12 walk-off win.

Given how unbelievable the game had been to that point, we wouldn’t have blamed you if you thought the Dodgers would somehow come back and win. Maybe the umps would just let them keep playing? We don’t know, but we get it. That’s just how things were going.

Problem is, the game had ended, and the Dodgers lost. But one news station in Los Angeles didn’t seem to get that memo.

That’s the local Fox station in L.A. running a graphic that says “DODGERS WIN!” just moments after Bregman’s walk-off hit. As the graphic appears on screen, you can hear the anchor say, “Plus: What a game!” before the video from Deadspin cuts off.

We’re not sure what happened here. It’s possible the station had two videos prepared, one for if the Dodgers won and one for if the Astros won, and simply ran the wrong video. Or, maybe they just forgot to update their graphic at the bottom — though that may not make sense given you wouldn’t want footage of celebrating Dodgers fans playing with an “Astros win” graphic.

A news station in L.A. told viewers the Dodgers won, but that wasn’t true. (Screengrab via @Deadspin)

We’re going to guess some fans were none to happy to see that appear just moments after their team fell behind 3-2 in the World Series. Talk about rubbing salt in their wounds.

We get it. Mistakes happen. We certainly aren’t blameless. Given the nature of the game, we can’t blame the station for keeping the faith in the Dodgers until the very end.

In our minds, the slip-up is fitting. After a game like that, we’re pretty sure everyone’s brain was completely fried.

(BLS H/N: Deadspin)

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