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News Summary: New $100 bills to start circulating

The Associated Press

FILE - This Sept. 24, 2013 file photo shows a sheet of uncut $100 bills as they make their way through the printing process at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The new $100 bill, with a number of an array of high-tech features designed to thwart counterfeiters, will finally get its coming out party on Tuesday, partial government shutdown or not. The Federal Reserve, which has not been affected by the shutdown, will have armored trucks rolling from its regional banks around the country headed to banks, savings and loans and other financial institutions with the new C-notes. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

NEW C-NOTES: The new $100 bill, sporting high-tech features designed to thwart counterfeiters, will get its coming out party on Tuesday. It is the first redesign for the $100 bill since March 1996.

NEW WRINKLES: Benjamin Franklin is still on the front and Philadelphia's Independence Hall on the back. But there is a disappearing Liberty Bell in an ink well and a bright blue three-dimensional security ribbon with images that move in the opposite direction from the way the bill is being tilted. The $100 bill is the most commonly counterfeited note outside of the United States.

OLDES STILL GOOD: Officials say that the $900 billion worth of $100 bills currently in circulation remain good and will only be gradually phased out as worn-out bills are returned to Federal Reserve facilities.