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News Summary: Boeing 787 probe shifts focus

The Associated Press

BLAME GAME: The joint U.S. and Japanese investigation into the Boeing 787's battery problems has shifted from the battery-maker to the manufacturer of a monitoring system.

WATCHING THE WATCHERS: Ministry officials said they will inspect Kanto Aircraft Instrument Co. It makes a system that monitors voltage, charging and temperature of the lithium-ion batteries. The probe into battery-maker GS Yuasa IS over for now as no evidence was found it was the source of the problems. Yuasa shares jumped 5 percent.

THE TOLL: All 50 of the Boeing 787s in use around the world remain grounded after one of the jets operated by All Nippon Airways made an emergency landing in Japan earlier this month when its main battery overheated. Earlier in January, a battery in a Japan Airlines 787 caught fire while parked at Boston's Logan International Airport.