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News Summary: Britain demands bonds for visas

The Associated Press

PAY TO STAY: Britain's Home Office will demand a 3,000-pound ($4,630) refundable bond for visas for "high-risk" visitors from six former colonies in Africa and Asia, despite outrage, charges of discrimination and warnings of retaliation.

SIX COUNTRIES: The government did not say when the pilot program would start, but said it could apply in the future for all visas and any country. For now, the targeted countries are Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Citizens of those countries applied for more than half a million visas to Britain last year.

NEGATIVE REACTION: The bond system is aimed at deterring overstaying of visas and recovering costs of foreign nationals using public services like hospitals and schools. Critics charged the scheme is racist and would have a negative impact on British tourism and business.