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News Summary: Coca-Cola to test mid-calorie sodas

The Associated Press

THE NEWS: The Coca-Cola Co. is testing mid-calorie versions of Sprite and Fanta this summer in limited stores in Atlanta, Detroit, Louisville and Memphis.

THE DETAILS: Sprite has 140 calories in a 12-ounce can, Fanta 160 calories. "Sprite Select" and "Fanta Select" both will have 70 calories in a can and be sweetened with Truvia.

THE BACKGROUND: Early this year, PepsiCo Inc. also launched a soda with half the calories of regular Pepsi; it's called Pepsi Next. Both companies have tried selling mid-calorie sodas before: Coca-Cola launched "C2" in 2001; Pepsi tried "Pepsi Edge" in 2004. Both were dropped after selling poorly.