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News Summary: EU lashes out at IMF

The Associated Press

BAILOUT BACKLASH: The man in charge of the European Union rescue of its debt-crippled countries accused the International Monetary Fund of trying to displace blame for a lack of progress.

BACK AT YOU: Olli Rehn, the EU's top economic official, reacted angrily to an IMF report acknowledging "notable failures" in the handling a $310 billion bailout for Greece in which it partly blamed its European partners.

BACK STABBING? : Rehn criticized the IMF for breaking ranks with its report, saying in earlier crises it was the norm to go tackle a problem together and emerge together. "That was fair play and that was real partnership, and I don't think it is fair and just that the IMF is trying to wash its hands and throwing the dirty water on the European shoulders," he said.