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News Summary: Fiat expands 500 mini-car lineup

The Associated Press

WHAT'S NEW: Italy's cute little Fiat 500 mini-car is getting bigger and going electric.

THE CHANGES: Two new versions of the car were rolled out at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week. The all-electric "500e" has a lithium-ion battery that powers a 111-horsepower electric motor. It can go 80 miles (over 100 around the city) before having to be recharged, which takes less than four hours with a 240-volt charging station. The bigger "500L" is 26 inches longer than the current 500, has four doors and significantly more width and height inside than the regular model.

THE REASON: U.S. sales of the 500 are pint-sized, and Fiat's trying to widen the car's appeal.