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News Summary: Greek unions call for general strike

The Associated Press

Municipal workers stand outside the entrance of a municipal building near a banner reading "occupied" in central Athens, on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. Athens municipal police, angered by their inclusion in a government plan to reduce the number of civil servants and meet international bailout requirements, have occupied a municipal building in Athens, as the main union for municipal workers continue their strike for a third day. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

STRIKE CALL: Greece's two main labor unions on Wednesday called for a 24-hour general strike on July 16 to protest legislation that includes plans to cut thousands of civil service jobs so the country can keep receiving vital funds from its international bailout.

THE CATALYST: The strike plans came a day after the government disclosed plans for major staff cuts. The government says it must cut public sector jobs to qualify for billions of euros in rescue loans from other European countries and the International Monetary Fund. The country has relied on the funds since May 2010, and pledged to overhaul its economy.

DEEP PROBLEMS: The financial crisis has plunged Greece into a deep recession, with unemployment spiraling to above 27 percent, and above 60 percent for those under 25.