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News Summary: Nuclear staffing struggles in Japan

The Associated Press

STAFFING CHAOS: Keeping the felled Fukushima nuclear plant in northeastern Japan in stable condition requires a cast of thousands. Increasingly the plant's operator is struggling to find enough workers, a trend that many expect to worsen in the decades-long effort to safely decommission it.

BURNT OUT: Some Fukushima veterans are quitting as their cumulative radiation exposure approaches levels risky to health, said two long-time Fukushima nuclear workers who spoke to The Associated Press. They requested anonymity because their speaking to the media is a breach of their employers' policy and they say being publicly identified will get them fired.

HAZARD PAY: According to Hiroyuki Watanabe, a city assemblyman for Iwaki in Fukushima, a nuclear worker generally earns about $100 a day. In contrast, decontamination work outside the plant, generally involving less exposure to radiation, is paid for by the environment ministry, and with bonuses for working a job officially categorized as dangerous, totals about $160 a day, he said.