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News Summary: Obama touts health care law in Calif

The Associated Press

OBAMACARE PITCH: President Barack Obama will use his visit to California to highlight how the state is implementing the Affordable Care Act. He also will discuss California's collaboration with non-government groups to promote, primarily to Hispanics, the health care exchanges that are being created to help millions of uninsured people afford coverage,

EXCHANGES: Obama is highlighting how the state is implementing the Affordable Care Act, including collaborating with non-government groups to promote the health care exchanges being created. Thirteen insurance companies will be offering multiple health plans that vary in coverage and price through California's exchange.

NEXT GENERATION: California has the country's biggest insurance market, with 6 million uninsured residents. Getting young people to enroll through the exchanges is critical; they cost insurers less money because they tend to have the best health and don't require a lot of costly medical care.