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News Summary: Super BowlBowl outage

The Associated Press

POWER PLAY: The New Orleans utility Entergy is taking the blame for a power outage that halted the Super Bowl for 34 minutes, pointing to a device that had been installed expressly to prevent a power outage.

SWITCHING SWITCHES: Officials with Entergy New Orleans said the device performed with no problems during January's Sugar Bowl and other earlier events, but has been removed and will be replaced. All systems at the Superdome are now working and the dome will host a major Mardi Gras event Saturday night.

TURN IT UP: The manufacturer of the device blamed in the power outage said a low trip setting on the equipment caused the partial blackout in the Superdome. S&C Electric Co. of Chicago said the outage would have been avoided if the operator of the relay device had set the trip threshold higher.