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NewsBreak: UK Parliament Amendment Vote Ends Hope for Brexit Deal This Weekend

Investing.com - Members of Parliament voted to approve the Letwin amendment to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal on Saturday, which forces Johnson to seek another Brexit extension. That ends the Brexit deal hoped for the goverment for this weekend.

Members of the government left the House of Commons following the result of the vote as they no longer intend to participate in the vote on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.

The Letwin amendment passed with 322 votes in favor and 306 against, giving the amendment a majority of 16. The amendment withholds approval of Johnson's deal until the legislation to enact it is passed.

Boris Johnson took to his feet following the vote saying: "the meaningful vote is now devoid of meaning". The government will bring the deal back to parliament on Monday.

Johnson is required by law to request an extension beyond the Oct. 31 date from the European Union, however he suggested in the House that he would not negotiate a delay with the EU, saying: "I will not negotiate a delay with the EU and neither does the law compel me to do so."

According to ITV's Paul Brand the PM will tell the EU to reject Parliament's request for a delay. Brand wrote on Twitter: "BREAKING: No 10 source “Parliament has voted to delay brexit yet again. The PM will not ask for an extension - he will tell EU leaders there should be no delays, they should reject Parliament's letter asking for a delay, and we should get Brexit done on 31 October”.

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