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Next-Gen Ford Mustang Could Shed 400 Pounds, See Price Increase

Jeff Perez

The next-generation Ford Mustang is only one of many new cars that we’re eagerly awaiting. Differing from Mustangs of recent history, the new and improved pony car is said to be better looking (previewed by the Ford Evos pictured here), more powerful and of course, lighter. Actually, about 400 pounds lighter to be precise.

Edmunds tells us that not only will the new Mustang give an overall smaller appearance, but it’s said to lose, “a minimum of 400 pounds.” Depending on specs, this could put it at just about 3,000-3,200-lbs.

Ford Evos Concept

While the Mustang is already the lightest of the three when it comes to affordable muscle coupes (Challenger, Camaro), this would make it closer to the realm of the BRZ/FR-S (2,700-lbs). And topped off with a 4-cylinder engine, it might make for some stiff competition.

With the Mustang going on a diet, that doesn’t mean the price will follow. Reports also tell us that the costs could see a 10 percent increase from the current $22,995 base price.

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