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Next-Gen Mazdaspeed3 Could go All-Wheel Drive

Jeff Perez

The Mazdaspeed3 — or Mazda 3 MPS across the pond — is Mazda’s version of the Subaru WRX/VW Golf R. Fast, spacious, and mostly fun as hell to drive hot hatches. Only problem is, the Mazda comes with a dreaded front-wheel drive system that keeps it mostly out of competitive talks with its all-wheel drive rivals.

But for its next generation of speed, Mazda is re-thinking the equation, as Drive reports that the automaker could be going the all-wheel drive route. And sharing its platform with the CX-5 SUV, Mazda Australia managing director Martin Benders admits that an all-wheel drive Mazdaspeed3 is far from impossible:

mazdaspeed3 (1)

“From a technical point of view it’s not difficult to install a four-wheel-drive system.”

Of course, with the new 3 hitting the market only recently, it’s still going to be a while before we see any hopped-up performance variant in our driveway.

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