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The floppy drive

Back in the heady days of 1998, plenty of folks were still backing up their files, or transporting them from one machine to another, using the good old 3.5-inch floppy disk. But the original iMac — the first new product Steve Jobs announced upon his return to Apple — ejected that computing staple, and Apple never looked back. (Photo: 512pixels.net)

The Next iPhone: Headphone Jack Wouldn’t Be First Technology Apple Has Killed

As a rule, Apple doesn’t like to look back. The company has never been shy about discarding old technologies in favor of new ones, even when doing so makes its customers scream. So rumors that the company might omit the venerable headphone jack from the next version of the iPhone are hardly unprecedented: There are plenty of examples of Apple making similarly extreme design decisions. Here are seven of the most radical.