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NFL considers giving same post-game officiating answers to both teams

Michael David Smith

Under current NFL policies, a team can contact the officiating department after a game to seek answers about why a certain play was called a certain way. The NFL may alter those procedures this year.

A proposed league resolution to be voted on at this week’s owners’ meeting would require both teams to get the same answers, so that if a coach calls the officiating department to ask why there was no penalty on a key play, the officiating department will give the coach the answer — and give the other coach the answer as well.

The proposed resolution reads as follows: “Amend current League practices regarding teams’ post-game officiating inquiries, such that the opposing teams to a game receive the League’s post-game responses to any officiating inquiries submitted by either team. Presently, a team receives the League’s response to its officiating inquiry, but does not receive the League’s response to its opponent’s officiating inquiry.”

The rule makes sense: The league office should be more transparent about officiating decisions. One team shouldn’t get information that another team does not.