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NFTglee Launches Bitcoin Trading Algorithm Via NFT; Demand Surges In Pre-Sale Before November Launch Date

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DENVER, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- NFTglee has launched a suite of trading algorithms to be released as NFT's in an industry first.

On November 11, 2021 it's first trading algorithm, a Bitcoin trading bot known as 'Bitcoin Bob, will be released for sale to the public via its NFT auction site NFTglee.com.

NFTglee had initially scheduled a small batch release for its first trading algorithm via NFT release; but demand has aggressively surged in pre-sale over the past week.

"We've seen demand skyrocket as we've had private conversations with customers. Demand is five times what we thought it would be so we are adjusting our allocation to the 50-100 algorithm NFT's for Bitcoin Bob," said Tillman Holloway, CEO of NFTglee.

Demand has surged based on the Bitcoin 'flywheel' created by the algorithm itself: an NFT minted on Bitcoin, trading Bitcoin futures via the CME, with daily profits deposited directly into spot Bitcoin and transferred to the owners cold storage wallet.

"We are merging the innovation of NFTs with modern day buying behavior and an 'instant gratification' culture that we believe still wants utility associated with also feeling something in their hands, this will continue to forge a bridge into the current mass market. Our clients can collect our NFTs in their digital wallets, utilize the trading algorithms as they see fit and enjoy the unique digital art associated with them," added Tillman Holloway, CEO of NFTglee.

Finally, the digital artwork associated with 'Bitcoin Bob' and the NFT release is being produced by digital artist Max Sheika. Both the initial concept, renderings, and final automation are his handiwork.

"The opportunity to merge unique, and fun, digital art with the utility of Bitcoin was an opportunity I couldn't pass up," said Mr. Sheika.

About NFTglee: NFTglee specializes in partnerships and collaborations with creators to bring exclusive NFT collections, built on the Bitcoin blockchain, of limited edition, high quality digital and physical art to market.

NFTglee's NFT collections are exclusive to our platform and available through our partners. We believe in the value-driven model of digital art paired with luxury goods, experiences and physical possessions - as much as we value digital art as a stand alone.


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