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Nicaragua builds solar farm with Japan's donation

Japan's ambassador to Nicaragua, Masaharu Sato, front center in white helmet, attends the inauguration of Nicaragua's first photovoltaic park, a joint project between the governments of Nicaragua and Japan, in La Trinidad, Nicaragua, Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013. Japan's government invested $11.4 million dollars in the solar park of over 5,000 solar panels with a capacity greater than one megawatt that can meet the demand of more than 1,000 homes with monthly consumption of approximately 150 kilowatt-hours. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) -- Nicaragua has inaugurated a solar farm that the government says will benefit 1,100 homes.

The state-owned National Company of Electricity Transmission, or Enatrel, says in a statement that the array includes 5,880 solar panels. It says that Japan donated $11.4 million to build the solar farm and that Nicaragua invested $530,000.

Enatrel said Thursday that the farm will generate enough energy to supply 1,100 homes that consume an average of 150 kilowatt hour a month.