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Nicholas Kohlschreiber - Discusses Adboom and Top Internet Marketing Breakthroughs in 2017

ORANGE COUNTY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2018 / Recognized entrepreneur and contemporary marketing expert Nicholas Kohlschreiber saw success early on as a result of his ability to utilize advanced technology to drive digital consumer traffic. Now, as the owner of a media company based in Newport Beach, Kohlschreiber continues to improve upon these techniques, and share them with others to allow for the organic proliferation of new and small businesses. Recently, the digital expert shared new tech trends that he believes will further evolve the strategies of innovative marketers.


Emerging as a concept in 2016 was cognitive marketing or the use of technology that mimics the human brain in order to improve performance. As the advantages of cognitive-based systems continue to be revealed, Kohlschreiber predicts a dramatic rise in their use. For example, when consumers appear to be exhibiting purchasing patterns that are very different from the norm, this technology would be much better at finding the behavioral characteristics that cause the unexpected actions. Marketers using cognitive software will have the capability to redesign messages so that they are different, and relevant, to each consumer. By using massive computing power and large data sets, these systems will effectively be able to identify unmet and unstated customer needs, providing brands with unprecedented promotion and product guidance.

Nicholas Kohlschreiber continued to discuss the shift from siloed channel strategies to cross-channel engagement. Traditional silo marketing promotes a different message across each distribution network, a method that has resulted in confused consumer opinions of brands. Throughout 2017, Kohlschreiber expects to see more companies become truly omnichannel and deliver one message that is shared across all outlets, offline and online. In today’s era of mass media consumption, there is little point in advertising to change perception across one medium while not simultaneously doing so on the others. While it has been predicted for some time now, it seems that an integration of marketing automation with ad buying technologies may also come to fruition in 2017. The benefit of doing so is a massively increased ability to leverage data between web, email, and ad platforms in order to improve both performance and the customer experience. Compiling this data will allow marketers to garner a single view of their customer, making it easier to share attributes, interests, and behaviors between platforms.

Entrepreneur Nicholas Kohlschreiber specializes in creative marketing solutions, and together with his team of experts allows for new and small businesses to fully take advantage of their online presence in order to convert customers and spur growth. An enthusiast for originality, he believes there is always room for innovation and urges employees and clients alike to “Think Big, Go Far.” From simple document preparation to a complete online multimedia driven business development strategy, Kohlschreiber strives to further the connections between small businesses and the modern communication platforms that run society.

Nick Kohlschreiber - Expert in Modern Marketing: http://www.nickkohlschreibernews.com

Nick Kohlschreiber - Business Entrepreneur & Founder of TeleTree: http://nickkohlschreiberreviews.com

Nick Kohlschreiber - Creative Marketing Solutions Expert: http://nickkohlschreibermarketing.com

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