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Nick Carter Says Brother Aaron Hears 'Voices In His Head'

Mike Walters

Nick Carter announced he has filed a retraining order against brother Aaron Carter, and he told authorities in the case, his brother hears 'voices in his head' and has threaten to kill his pregnant wife.

According the the restraining order documents, obtained by The Blast, Nick says Aaron Carter may harm his family, and is mentally ill.


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The 'Backstreet Boys' member said in a statement to the court:

"My brother, Aaron Carter, has exhibited increasingly unstable behaviors and recently admitted to having schizophrenia with multiple other mental disorders. Most recently, Aaron informed my sister Angel that he thinks about killing babies and has thought about killing my wife, Lauren. Lauren is now pregnant, and I fear for our unborn child. Aaron is known to keep firearms readily available. I need an injunction because I fear for my safety, the safety of my wife and children, and the safety of m wife's parents. I am afraid he will listen to the voices in his head and cause harm to my family."

Angel, where his brother made some very threatening comments. In the phone call, Aaron allegedly said to their sister Angel, he thinks about "killing babies" and has thought about killing Nick's wife Lauren.

The transcript of the phone call was filed in the documents and is as follows:

"Angel, I want to tell you something that I never told you before - I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar 2 years ago"

She responded, "Okay, do you hear voices? Do you have thoughts?"

He said "I have thoughts of killing babies. I come up with different scenarios in my head

"I think about killing Lauren Kitt."

His sister says Aaron's ex-girlfriend was present for the call and said in the background,

"Angel, how do you think I feel with him sleeping with a sword next to him?"

He then replied, "Shut up Lina, you are next on my list."

A judge in Las Vegas, where the restraining order was filed, agreed to issue the order and Aaron has to stay 100 yards away from Nick and his family.

Aaron has been going through a tough time recently, after fighting with his brother and 'Backstreet Boys" fans online, and going though a nasty break up with his girlfriend.