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Nick Kohlschreiber - On Maximizing Your Social Media Footprint

ORANGE COUNTY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2017 / A relatively new term in online marketing-'social media footprint' describes the digital presence of companies, organizations and individuals across social media outlets. As platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others are increasingly linked to our everyday lives it becomes inevitable for businesses to integrate these new and effective marketing channels in promoting their brand, cultivating their reputation and directly communicating to a wider consumer audience. Successful serial entrepreneur Nick Kohlscreiber discusses the importance of a social media footprint with respect to brand and reputation management and talks about ways businesses can maximize and improve their online presence.


Social Pilot reports that more than 2.5 billion people worldwide have active social media accounts, making social media platforms a unique and growing space for businesses to connect with their existing and potential audience. Not only does a social media footprint provide worldwide reach, it is also highly cost effective. According to ValuePenquin, maintaining a strong web presence may even get you approved for a business loan. Small business lenders such as Kabbage look into a company's social media data when evaluating a loan application. Companies around the globe are rushing to generate presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest in order to promote their brand and to develop strong foundational footprints. In this rush, what is often forgotten is the importance of managing and maintaining the content that shapes the reputation of the brand. Social media footprint, the trail that companies leave behind through various online channels, whether through a tweet proclaiming a political stance, an unanswered client request or a controversial image, could develop into a disadvantage over time if not managed carefully.

Nick Kohlschreiber further points out some crucial aspects to consider in maximizing a social media footprint. Posting online content is more effective when timing is calculated according to the hours when a target audience is most active online and when the content is customized according to the format of a particular social media platform. Differing platforms require distinct formats, best suited to engage users and to promote content sharing. The use of trending and industry-related hashtags helps to expand audience and to further promote a brand or message. It is important to deliver genuine, quality content which humanizes the brand and reflects its vision while maintaining a neutral tone and refrains from engaging controversial subjects.

Nick Kohlschreiber began his entrepreneurial career at the young age of 21 by launching a prosperous online wholesale store together with a friend. He later expanded on his success by exploring various other industries and developing a range of diverse companies involving student loan debt consolidation, call centers serving the gas and electricity industry, and low-cost long-distance call services among many others. Kohlschreiber is a proud graduate of the University of California in Los Angeles with a degree in Business Administration and Management. During his time at UCLA, Kohlschreiber participated in the lauded Martin Paul Executive Research Program, discovering logical processes and perspectives of modern business with initiative for creative integration. An enthusiast for originality, Nick Kohlschreiber believes there is always room for innovation and urges employees and clients alike to "Think Big, Go Far."

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