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Nicole Smith of JMS Creative Leadership Solution Introduces New Leadership Coaching Program “Transform You!”

·4 min read

Nicole Smith

Building personal and professional development can never be like a piece of cake
Building personal and professional development can never be like a piece of cake
Building personal and professional development can never be like a piece of cake

NEW YORK, June 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Building personal and professional development can never be like a piece of cake. It is challenging and takes a long process to achieve. However, through proper guidance and cooperation, building such development can be easy. Nonetheless, this is where JMS Creative Leadership Solutions; Leadership Coaching Program comes in.

CEO and Founder Nicole Smith offers JMS' signature Leadership Coaching Program “Transform You!”, which provides a variety of solid solutions for forward-thinking leaders and individual contributors. JMS helps individuals understand the gap between their current state and the desired state. Through their Leadership Coaching Program "Transform You!" aspiring leaders can grow their mindset, gain courage and heart.

What is "Transform You!"?
"Transform You!" is a leadership coaching program designed to guide leaders and their team through actionable materials on personal and professional development with the goals of being the best version of themselves. Transforming from a top performer to an exemplary leader by Leading Themselves, Building and Maintaining Relationships with Others, and then Leading Others.

Aspiring Leaders will develop their mindset, courage, and heart on their transformational journey. The "Transform You!" Leadership coaching program is designed around these three Leadership Keys. They can concentrate on the following items thanks to the program's options:

  • Mindset

  • Values

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Habit/Goals/System

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Confidence & Certainty

  • Leadership Competencies

The Three Leadership Keys

  • Mindset

Everything that occurs serves as a type of instruction; all they have to do is pay attention. Individuals with a growth mindset believe that talents can be developed through hard work, effective strategies, and constructive feedback from others. Everything will become an opportunity, and they will learn to let go of their fears and embrace failure. They will gain a consistent feeling of empowerment, motivation and commitment to achieving much more than a fixed mindset.

  • Courage

Standing up for themselves and speaking their mind, despite the difficulties, is what courage entails. Yet, having courage also means being aware of knowing when to sit and be silent. When they are willing to feel, they are willing to act and take risks.

  • Heart

Leaders will experience this power in their heart as they begin to understand themselves and progress on this journey. they will discover themselves leveraging the power of the heart for inspiration and connection as a leader in any field. Leading with heart allows them to show their integrity and authenticity.

This Leadership Coaching Program comes in three different services:



JMS program(s) improves self-awareness, trust, and relationships by teaching empathy and providing a sense of personal and professional fulfilment. DISC, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), EQ Leadership Tests, and 360s are among the powerful coaching resources, transformational activities, and assessments are included. Outside of the coaching programs, DISC and EQ assessments with coaching are available.

Studies show that 48 per cent of Fortune 1000 executives who received coaching improved the quality of their jobs. This resulted in increased commitment and efficiency, allowing them to be more involved in their leadership positions. Coaching also gives leaders the opportunity to empower and inspire their teams.



Leadership development statistics show that 71% of companies do not feel their current leaders are able to carry their organization into the future. In order to combat these statistics, organizations are implementing leadership development programs or training to increase leadership effectiveness.

Leaders of today and tomorrow can be nurtured by improving personal leadership skills and maintaining a growth attitude. JMS teaches leaders how to build a diverse, inspiring, and respectful work atmosphere by fostering an inclusive environment. Leadership learning seminars are tailored to the team's specific needs. Topics are covered to aid in motivating employees, increasing efficiency, increasing employee engagement, and providing talent development for career advancement and building a strong talent pipeline!


Boost morale, commitment, leadership growth, and healthy habits by inspiring, entertaining, and insightful speaking engagements that are required “just in time” to provide a boost to your employees.

Nicole Smith loves speaking and sharing information to inspire and empower others to be the best version of themselves. This desire to communicate stems from having the "gift of gab" as a child. Nicole has given presentations both in person and virtually, and she can deliver in either setting! Keynotes, podcasts, emcee meetings, panels, and hosting conferences are examples of speaking engagements.


“Transform You!” helps leaders and aspiring leaders understand themselves better, set and execute goals, identify gaps, recognize limiting beliefs, identify strengths and opportunities on how to improve interactions with other team members while creating impact personally and professionally. Coaching and leadership development increases employee engagement which has the power to influence employee retention, efficiency, and loyalty, as well as customer satisfaction, business credibility, and overall stakeholder value.

Nicole energizes people to enjoy the journey of being the best version of themselves. Check out Nicole Smith's Programs HERE

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