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Nike releases Air Force 1 VTF trainers that look like Crocs

Chelsea Ritschel

Nike has unveiled its latest edition of its Air Force sneakers, but with a new Crocs-inspired twist.

The new Air Force 1 VTF trainers, which are made of black leather and feature gold accents and sparkly rubber soles, also come with a heel strap, similar to the one found on rubber Crocs.

The design means the heel is open, with the brand’s iconic swish symbol extending around the heel to become the strap, while the front of the trainer looks like a typical sneaker.

The sportswear brand describes the slip-on shoes as having “all of the elements of the classic look in a sling back design” with an elastic strap that is “easy to take on and off”.

“Glittery and metallic details help you stand out from the crowd,” the description adds.

The new trainers, which are currently only available in kids’ sizes up to 7Y, retail for $90 (£74), whereas Crocs cost $44 (£36).

On social media, the trainers have been met with both confusion and amusement from Nike fans.

“Where’s the rest of the shoe?!?!” one person wrote.

Another tweeted: “Everybody who buys these needs to be on some sort of government watchlist.”

Others questioned how to wear the shoes, which leave your heel exposed.

“Do you wear these with or without socks? #Confused” someone else asked on Twitter.

The Nike trainers come after Crocs made its own shoes even more controversial with the introduction of miniature shoe bumbags.