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NIKYANG debuts LABVO SmartLab at BCEIA 2019

BEIJING, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- From October 23 to 26, 2019, the 2019 Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA 2019) was held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Nikyang Enterprise Limited officially announced its new subsidiary – LABVO TECH, together with its LABVO SmartLab at the meeting. Its prominent features lie in the human-machine interaction, precise sampling by the robotic arm and real-time monitoring of the experimental process. During the demonstration, the high-throughput and high-output Swiss Chemspeed automation module was applied in the LABVO SmartLab. Meanwhile, it was combined with the normalized and standardized operation procedures as well as the handling by robotic arm to extract samples, which made the experimental results more accurate and efficient.

As the largest and most influential international academic conference and exhibition in China's analytical testing field, the BCEIA aggregated many well-known scientists, instrument manufacturers and giants in analysis and testing fields at home and abroad, playing a significant role in promoting the development of China's scientific analysis and instrument technology. Over the past few decades, laboratory instruments have changed dramatically in many respects, such as functional diversity and precision, which encourage the overall laboratory scale to be more personalized and advanced. Faced with enhanced complexity of the experimental procedures and the continuous increase in sample scale, it is prevalent that the market demand is constantly changing and upgrading. Together with the rapid development in mobile communication, an intelligent laboratory is no longer a momentary demand, but is a long-term planning instead.

The SmartLab concept was originated in Europe. It has been successfully launched through its sophisticated intelligent-laboratory equipment and technology in the city of Hanover, Germany. This time, Nikyang took the lead in proposing the idea of LABVO SmartLab in China, aiming to introduce internationally advanced scientific concepts, technologies and functions into China, and then combining with Chinese traditional culture and elements to help Chinese enterprises boom in the field of scientific research. "We can boldly imagine that the future of LABVO SmartLab will have the opportunity to integrate more automated laboratory equipment by upgrading or optimizing related hardware and software to expand its service area," said Eric Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Nikyang.

After more than 20 years of development, Nikyang has served in various fields, including quality control and R&D experiments in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food sectors, government departments and university research institutes.  Through the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, Nikyang actively responds to China's relevant policies, and boosts the development of China enterprises. "The LABVO SmartLab seen today is just the beginning. It is expected more companies can gain benefits from it in the next 5 - 10 years.  I hope more partners can join us in the future, so that the long journey of laboratory innovation will not be lonely anymore," Eric Wong added.


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