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The new Nine Inch Nails music video is set inside a real video game that you can play right now

Ben Gilbert

The latest music video from long-running, Trent Reznor-led group Nine Inch Nails is out, and it's set within an obscure video game.

Nine Inch Nails music video

(Nine Inch Nails)

The woman above is the star of the music video for "Less Than," staring endlessly into an old standard-definition television while playing a modern, retro-style game named "Polybius." The game, a modern take on retro games like "Tempest," is available currently on the PlayStation 4. 

While the game intentionally looks retro, it's twisted into something more specific for this intense music video.

Nine Inch Nails video (Less Than)

(Nine Inch Nails)

Hilariously, the real version of "Polybius" is intended for play in the PlayStation VR headset that works with the PlayStation 4. While the game is retro in style, the way you play it is as futuristic as it gets. 

Check out the game in action right here:

And check out the full Nine Inch Nails music video for "Less Than" right here:

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