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Nine Moons Piercing: The Growing Acceptance of Piercing Will Spur New Growth in the Industry

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 8, 2022 / Nine Moons Piercing, a body piercing studio in NYC, is taking advantage of increased interest in piercing to raise standards across the industry.

The piercing industry is benefitting from a growing social acceptance of body art and other forms of self-expression. Recent estimates suggest that around 12% of American men have some form of piercing. For women, the number is thought to be at least 72%. In a notable difference from many other forms of body art such as tattoos, the popularity of piercing crosses boundaries of class, culture, and education.

Nine Moons Piercing sees this growing popularity as an opportunity to take control of piercing's reputation. With so many people becoming interested in the practice, there are more and more eyes on the field every day. Nine Moons hopes to show newcomers that piercing can be a safe and trustworthy industry.

Nine Moons Piercing is Promoting Safety and Ethics Industry-Wide

Found in a charming second-floor walk-up in SoHo, Nine Moons is not your average piercing studio. You won't find any dark alleys or questionable practices. Their methods are structured around only performing the procedures that are viable and safe. With an advanced sterilization process to boot, they're aiming to raise the bar for safety and ethical practices in the piercing industry.

While the practice of body piercing isn't new to Manhattan, Nine Moons is hoping to break new ground in its facilitation, presentation, and dedication to safety. "People seem to really identify with what we're doing here. We're giving others a chance to safely explore the boundaries of adorning their body," said Johnny Pearce, a professional piercer at Nine Moons.

With the jewelry being handmade in LA and traced to origin, Nine Moons Piercing can proudly say that their entire line of gold, diamonds, and other precious gemstones are ethically sourced and conflict-free, so customers can shop without moral arbitration.

Nine Moons also maintains a healthy relationship with the highly sought-after jewelry company Body Vision Los Angeles (BVLA). With notoriously high standards for studios hoping to carry the coveted BVLA jewelry selection, their partnership with Nine Moons stands as a testament to the studio's credibility.

Ushering In A New Era for the Piercing Industry

Times have already begun to change in the piercing industry. It seems that the days of oversized steel rings and big barbells are fading. "We are entering a golden era of body piercing where fine jewelry craftsmanship and precious gemstones come standard with every ear lobe piercing," said a Nine Moons spokesperson.

Many people are used to having to endure wearing less-ornate options in initial piercings, what some places will refer to as ‘starter' jewelry, for several months before being able to transition to a more desired style. But that's not the case at Nine Moons Piercing.

"I think a large part of the appeal is the fact that you don't have to wait months for the ideal jewelry that you actually want to wear," the spokesperson noted. "Of course, there are some initial limitations for safety and healing purposes - some styles and types of jewelry heal more effectively and efficiently than others - but it's our job to be able to observe your ear anatomy and discern what piercing or jewelry options will prove successful for you."

Piercing is Back in Style

The future of piercing is ambiguous, yet hopeful - like a sunlit haze on the horizon. No one can really say for certain where the industry is headed, but the general consensus among industry insiders seems to be that the increase in social acceptance will lead to new growth in piercing and other areas of the body modification industry. As for Johnny, he feels optimistic about the future of the industry. "I couldn't tell you where the industry will be in five or ten years, but wherever it's going, I'm excited to be along for the ride," he says.

Meet Johnny Pearce

Born Jonathan Lawrence Pearce, Johnny Pearce started piercing in 2010. As an active member and of the Association of Professional Piercers, he helps spread information about safe body piercing to the community. Johnny speaks at the APP's educational conference in Las Vegas each year. He has been featured as a special guest on shows like The Today Show and Impractical Jokers. He lives and works in SoHo.

Learn more about Nine Moons Piercing on the official website. Reach out at ninemoonspiercing@gmail.com or call 646-891-7907.

SOURCE: Nine Moons Piercing

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