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Ninja Trader Chart of the Day 4.1.13


One of these industries is the auto industry which has enjoyed a tremendous bull run. Today’s NinjaTrader and Mr. TopStep chart of the day focus on the 3 largest publicly traded companies in this field, General Motors ($GM), Toyota Motors ($TM), and Ford ($F).

Let’s begin by revisiting a related chart of the day focusing solely on $GM which can be found by clicking here.  At the time of the writing, we discussed how $GM broke above strong resistance and had pulled back, forming an interesting entry opportunity for bullish investors around the $26.60 level. Since that time, the stock has enjoyed a run up to $30.68, or about a 15% upward move. This run is just a small example of the gains seen in the auto industry, which we will turn to now.

On today’s chart, we have used NinjaTrader’s unique ability to plot multiple instruments together onto one panel. This makes relative performance between instruments easy to see and right away, we can see the red line, representing the daily closing prices for Toyota Motors stock ($TM), far outperforming the other two stocks. In fact, $TM has run up an impressive 75% from its lows just before the start of 2012 while $GM is up about 30% and $F is up about 48% over the same period. Toyota has clearly been investors’ choice for the best performing auto maker and has helped boost the bull market we are currently enjoying.

We have also added the Woodies CCI indicator to this chart, a standard indicator including in NinjaTrader for free. The Woodies CCI is a customized version of the standard CCI indicator, which is designed to help traders with their entries and trade management. Exact details of this indicator are taught by NinjaTrader partner Woodies CCI Club, which is just one example of the vast partner Ecosystem the NinjaTrader platform provides to traders from around the world.

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