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Ninja Trader Chart of the Day 6.11.13


ATM Strategies enable traders to govern how their orders are managed by predetermining Profit Targets, Stop Losses, as well as creating rules and conditions such as Auto Breakeven, Auto Trail, or Simulated Stop.  The beauty of ATM Strategies is NinjaTrader manages these pre-determined conditions automatically, allowing traders to concentrate on the trade, rather than the management of orders and positions!


To demonstrate a sample ATM Strategy, a 150 Tick chart is created for the highly volatile Crude Oil Futures market ($CL_F).  From within the NinjaTrader ChartTrader Tool Bar, one can create custom ATM Strategies by clicking the ellipsis graphic (highlighted by orange box).  Upon clicking the ellipsis, an ATM Strategy window will appear. One can then pre-determine the stop loss and profit target for the contract, displayed with the red and green arrows respectively.  Additionally, traders can add a Stop Strategy to their ATM Strategy, by selecting “Custom” from the Stop Strategy dropdown menu (highlighted by green box).  A Stop Strategy window will appear and there are three options for the stop strategy, Auto Breakeven, Auto Trail and Simulated Stop.  An Auto Trail Stop Strategy was created, when the trade hits 6 ticks in profit (black arrow), move the stop loss to 3 ticks behind the last traded price (purple arrow) and auto trail the price action for every 2 ticks in profit (blue arrow).  Clicking the Buy Market graphic within ChartTrader will enter the trade at market with the pre-determined Profit Target, Stop Loss and imbedded Auto Trail Strategy.

This example ATM Strategy is strictly for demonstration purposes to showcase the power of NinjaTrader ATM Strategies.  Create your own ATM Strategies and take your trading to the next level by downloading NinjaTrader for FREE! http://www.ninjatrader.com/download-registration.php.  Today’s NinjaTrader Chart of the Day was fueled by the fast, unfiltered Kinetick data feed. 


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