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Nissan Chemical Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation to begin testing nanoActiv® in offshore treatments

PASADENA, Texas, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Nissan Chemical Corporation (NCC) and Sumitomo Corporation are partnering in the DeepStar and The Nippon Foundation technical joint development program for offshore Oil & Gas development. The grant was awarded for the development of new additives, which improves oil recovery in offshore oilfields. The program will involve working with major oil companies in DeepStar.

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Offshore operators are facing challenges to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance for production and are seeking new technologies to improve their oil recovery. The DeepStar and The Nippon Foundation joint development program will incorporate NCC's cutting-edge nanoActiv® technology into the development of offshore oilfields.

"We are honored to have nanoActiv® sponsored by Chevron and the opportunity to prove our technology in offshore treatments," says NCA president William Smith. "We are in the business of helping operators get more oil in a shorter amount of time. We're looking forward to seeing the initial results."

NCC will focus on developing new additives based on nanoActiv® technology which is already deployed in the U.S. onshore market by Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA) for improving the productivity of offshore oilfields.

About the DeepStar and The Nippon Foundation Program:
On May 1st in 2018, DeepStar and The Nippon Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to create a joint development program dedicated to offshore oilfields. The joint program will foster leading innovative technology in offshore development by supporting programs which will combine existing technologies and expertise with new innovative technologies from Japan.

About nanoActiv®
nanoActiv® solutions are high-efficiency intervention additives and methods—maximizing hydrocarbon production rates. The presence of patent-pending, surface-modified silicon dioxide nanoparticles means nanoActiv® solutions go further, work faster, and are effective longer, enabling higher volume hydrocarbon recovery.

For more information on nanoActiv®, visit www.nanoactiv.com.

About Nissan Chemical America Corporation (NCA)
Nissan Chemical America Corporation is a division of Nissan Chemical Corporation founded in 1887 as the first chemical fertilizer manufacturer in Japan. A forerunner in chemical innovations for more than 130 years, Nissan Chemical currently manufactures products for the chemical, agrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries and is a market leader in the production of nanomaterials for the automotive, coatings, electronics, and oil and gas recovery industries.

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