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The Nissan Leaf Christmas Tree has light-up snowflake wheels

Tony Markovich

Each December, as the finals days of the calendar tick down, automakers release themed vehicles to participate in the season and show their holiday spirit. Many imagine creative takes on Santa's sleigh, while others embed fun Easter eggs into the infotainment system's software. With the end of the year fast approaching, Nissan unveiled its 2019 contribution to the Christmas culture, a Leaf turned into a light-filled "tree." 

The Leaf is one of the leaders in the electric vehicle revolution. In fact, in March 2019, the Leaf became the first electric vehicle to surpass 400,000 units sold. It's one of the most affordable and widely available EVs on the market, and the current model, in its Plus trim, is available with up to 226 miles of range with a 62-kWh battery. Because of this, Nissan figured there was no better vehicle to put on a merry little light display. Nissan says the whole thing is powered by electricity from the Leaf's regenerative braking system, though we assume they're simply tapping into batteries. 

Nissan says the car has been dressed up with "thousands of LEDs, shimmery baubles, and a reindeer." Yes, that's a reindeer on top, which seems more appropriate for a sleigh theme than a tree theme, but we don't call the shots. The body is covered in garland and tiny lights, while the car's design lines are highlighted with bigger bulbs. The V-Motion grille gets its own string light, and the wheels are decked out with snowflake lights. Oddly enough, the Nissan badge is the only thing not lit. 

This will surely not be the only Christmas-themed vehicle that comes out this month. Stay tuned for more holiday rides.