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No-code Platform, EasySend, Partners With KPMG to Transform the Way Financial Service Enterprises Deal with Paperwork

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TEL AVIV, Israel, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- EasySend partners with KPMG to change the way financial service enterprises deal with paperwork. EasySend empowers insurance and financial service companies to digitalize any paperwork-based process in a matter of days, including claims, policy issuance, customer onboarding, document submission, and remote servicing. By converting paperwork into engaging digital journeys, EasySend enables enterprises to engage with customers, gather data, optimize and drive revenue growth. No coding required.

The future of paperwork is digital

Everybody hates paperwork. It is a mundane, time-consuming task that creates a lot of frustration both for the customers and for the employees. Unfortunately, in many industries such as banking, insurance, or real-estate, paperwork cannot be avoided.

As a result, these companies routinely frustrate their existing and potential clients by making them sign tons of paperwork in inefficient and clunky ways.

But technology is not standing still. Finally, solutions like EasySend are available, transforming paperwork from an obstacle to a digital tool for boosting revenues, cutting costs, and improving the bottom line.

Custom-coding digital journeys are one solution to the paperwork problem, but it is lengthy, inefficient, and not scalable at the enterprise scale. EasySend reshapes customer experience around data collection without the need for lengthy and expensive digitalization projects.

The future of enterprise IT belongs to no-code platforms

EasySend brings no-code development to the financial services space with a simple and intuitive no-code platform. By leveraging the power of the platform, enterprises can digitalize paperwork-intensive processes in a matter of days, without the high-ticket budgets and lengthy release cycles associated with traditional IT projects that involve coded solutions.

The partnership between EasySend and KPMG empowers enterprises to quickly adjust to the new reality by rapidly spinning up remote servicing capabilities quickly, efficiently, and with minimal resources.

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