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‘No days off in Katy Perryland’ as star sings through sniffles on ‘American Idol’

Greer McNally
Katy Perry judges American Idol with stinky cold as cohosts Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan make fun

She might have been feeling hot n cold, but that wasn’t going to stop Katy Perry judging Hollywood Week on American Idol.

In a new exclusive clip released ahead of this Sunday’s show, Perry sneezes, but refuses to be beaten by the cold. As the Roar singer defiantly sticks tissues up her nose and carries on, her co-host, country star Luke Bryan, cracks “ there’s no days off in Katy Perryland”.

A smiling contestant waits to audition for Perry, Bryan and cohost Lionel Ritchie, as Perry chats away. “Never has there been a day off,” the Dark Horse singer explains. “You think you guys are just going to lounge when you make it. Forget about it.”

When her country-singing colleague challenges her to sing Firework with two blocked nostrils, the pop sensation doesn’t stop for a second. Instead she turns to co-host Lionel Ritchie to belt out the hit, while snorting snot rags out of her nose.

Katy Perry battles cold to sing Firework at Lionel Ritchie

Ritchie looks positively disturbed in the clip, but it’s unclear whether it’s the paper plugging Perry’s nostrils or her rendition of the pop anthem that’s causing the reaction.

Perry is the latest in a long line of strong females to front the US talent show. When the reboot was announced in 2017, she was the first judge to be confirmed.

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The star has been pretty candid about her life on the star search. Several weeks ago, she opened up to one Idol hopeful about meeting her fiancé Orlando Bloom for the first time at an In & Out burger. She thought he was stealing her bag of burgers and called him out on it.

“We were at the Golden Globes and I had my security guard grab ten In & Out burgers. All of a sudden, I see my boyfriend’s hand. He just swoops in and grabs it. And I was like ‘hey that’s my burger!’”

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Perry recently released single 365 with Zedd. The German-Russian producer has now announced a new deep house remix to his followers on Twitter.

The original version of the song was released a month ago, with Perry playing a robot in the accompanying music video. She and Zedd walked the red carpet together at the recent 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

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UK audiences can watch American Idol on Netflix. New episodes drop weekly.