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Small Explosion On NYC's Fifth Avenue — No Injuries Reported

Adam Taylor and Pamela Engel

There has been a small explosion around 34th and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City.

NYC Firefighter Tommy Schwaber told Business Insider it was a manhole fire and that it has already been extinguished.

There are no reports of injuries, but some people are saying power around the Empire State Building has gone out.

Pictures from the scene are a little crazy, however:

Explosion on 34th Street just now. twitter.com/Citygirl15/sta…

— Citygirl15 (@Citygirl15) May 8, 2013

Fire on 34th between 5th and Mad. Smoke billowing out of manhole. Just heard an explosion. twitter.com/saverio/status…

— Saverio Mondelli (@saverio) May 8, 2013

@wework 34th street blocked off from manhole explosion. #epicmorning twitter.com/ShoT_Tr3s/stat…

— Sebastian Rodriguez (@ShoT_Tr3s) May 8, 2013

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