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'I am no longer fat': Val Kilmer makes quip about his weight as he returns to the big screen for 'Top Gun' sequel

·Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Val Kilmer, pictured in 2017, is prepping for <em>Top Gun: Maverick.</em> (Photo: Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shutterstock)
Val Kilmer, pictured in 2017, is prepping for Top Gun: Maverick. (Photo: Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shutterstock)

When you ask an artist — who’s also the subject of a particular piece — for feedback, you’ll get it. Val Kilmer gave his to a superfan who posted a caricature of him Friday on Twitter.

Kilmer, who will be reprising his role as hotshot fighter pilot Iceman opposite Tom Cruise in the Top Gun sequel, now in production, looked at the exaggerated version of himself — with a wide face, chubby cheeks, shoulder-length hair, and a smoke in hand — and replied, “But I don’t smoke and I am no longer fat…”

Yes, the f-word. For more than a decade, the 58-year-old actor’s weight has been a constant subject of gossip. It seemed to have started circa 2007 when the heartthrob, who once romanced Cindy Crawford, gained some weight and could no longer squeeze into those tiny Jim Morrison leather pants. The tabloids outrageously dubbed the Batman Forever actor “Fatman.” (Seriously, a headline actually said, “Val Kilmer goes from Batman to fatman,” and it was one of many.)

Fast-forward to 2012, when Kilmer’s weight loss made headlines. By 2014, he was said to be too skinny. Of course, soon after that, he embarked on an at-first-secret battle with throat cancer — perhaps why he was also quick to point out that he no longer smokes — and his appearance was widely remarked upon through that too. (He only confirmed that he had cancer last December.)

Kilmer’s weight comment generated responses from fans that were filled with nothing but love. They’re clearly looking forward to seeing their fave in Top Gun: Maverick.

Or they’re trying to date him. There were quite a few of those too:

Top Gun: Maverick is being called Kilmer’s “comeback,” because it’s his first big project since his cancer battle. (Even though he’s continued to act as well as work on his art, which he sells, throughout his illness.) What we know about the film at this point is that it will hit theaters on July 12, 2019, with Tom Cruise’s Maverick and Kilmer’s Iceman together again. (And perhaps clashing again?) They’ll have a new set of co-stars (Miles Teller plays Goose’s son), and Joseph Kosinski, who directed Cruise in 2013’s Oblivion, will be at the helm. Kilmer has had trouble with his voice due to a procedure on his trachea; no word on how that will factor in.

Cruise shared a teaser shot from day one back on set for the sequel. His character, who will be an instructor this go-round, was standing on the tarmac looking at a fighter jet. Now we all can’t wait for Kilmer to join him there.


A post shared by Tom Cruise (@tomcruise) on May 30, 2018 at 10:40pm PDT

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