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No More Spending on Textbooks for Canadian Students, Barterbooksonline.com is the Answer!

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan 16, 2013) - Myware Solutions'' product – BarterBooksOnline.com – will solve a big problem for students who spend an average of $1,500 a year on textbooks. Introducing the age old barter system in the new world of e-commerce - www.BarterBooksOnline.com - Stop Spending and Start Bartering.

Students will now have access to an end-to-end, user-friendly bartering/exchange platform where they can exchange books for books, or books for points in a social network. BBO saves time and money and is guaranteed to work. Users interact with each other in a fun and academic way, and the site offers a great way to connect with other students from your discipline, even if they''re from another part of the country. It offers so much more than just exchanging textbooks. Best of all - it''s completely FREE!

BarterBooksOnline.com provides 3 solutions for students to find textbooks:

1. Solution 1 – Book to Book exchange, a match-based solution.
2. Solution 2 – Book to Point – buy and sell books with points. (Points are free to get)
  If Solution 1 and Solution 2 don''t work, it also has solution 3 to offer students.
3. Solution 3 – Buy at the cheapest price possible from our affiliate networks.

"BarterBooksOnline.com (BBO) is not just about textbooks; it provides social networking for students and also offers services such as ad postings in BBO Classified. The BBO Team is already developing many other exciting features to help students and will be releasing them by the end of this year," said Harsha P. Deka, CEO of Myware Solutions Inc. 

It is time for a new way to get your university books for free. Visit http://www.barterbooksonline.com/ and discover the possibilities.

About the company

Myware Solutions Inc. is an IT service, enterprise and business solutions and web solutions company formed by recent graduates. BarterBooksOnline.com (BBO) is a product of Myware Solutions Inc. developed by recent graduates and students for students. We all have gone through the phase of buying textbooks and understand the need for a site like this which can help us to get textbooks for free or at a lowest possible price. Hence, Myware sees itself as a problem solver in addition to bringing innovative solutions to major problems. Myware is developing more products, within and outside of BBO, and will be releasing them in the near future.