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There Will Be No More Star Wars Spinoffs, for Now

Anne Victoria Clark

Well, just look at what you’ve done. Not enough of you went to see Solo and now all the other Star Wars spinoffs have been put on hold. We hope you’re all reaaaaalllly pleased with yourselves, because according to a report by Collider, Lucasfilm has decided to pivot its efforts away from spinoffs. Instead, it will be focusing on the final installment in the current trilogy, Star Wars: Episode IX, and then beginning work on the next trilogy.

The move comes after Solo: A Star Wars Story, the film that was only the second installment in the A Star Wars Story spinoff anthology, bombed at the box office. So now, Lucasfilm is turning this car around and there will be no Obi-Wan movie, no Boba Fett movie, and no soft-serve ice cream for anyone. For now.

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